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Dance Studio Social Media Ideas

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Dance Studio Social Media Ideas

Dance Studio Social Media Ideas | INTRODUCTION

In this article I’m going to share with you 89 dance studio social media ideas that you can use to grow your audience on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok pages, and any other other social media platforms...

Keeping up with your studio’s social media content, and posting multiple times a day is a great strategy for attracting new students.

At the same time, regular publishing of content will help you solidify your dance studio brand with your current students, so it will also help you with retention!

But, we all know how difficult, and time consuming it is to constantly be thinking of new ideas for what to post in your dance studio’s social media pages.

With all that we have going on as dance studio owners it becomes a big challenge to carve out time out of the day to think of content…

Let alone create, and post it.

That’s why I’m creating this article!

I’m going to give you a list of ideas that you can use to constantly produce great, engaging content for your studio that will help your brand, and other people will want to share!

Want us to help you enroll more students in your dance studio?

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And we’ll share with you the current strategies that are working today that you can implement in your studio to attract more students!

Dance Studio List Of Social Media Ideas

For your benefit, I’ve separated the content ideas into 2 main categories, videos and pictures.

Then underneath those 2 main categories, I’ve created several sub categories…

Not only is this going to help you navigate this article much easier, but it’s also going to allow you to easily come up with your own ideas.

Once you come up with your own ideas, make sure that you write it down so that you can keep using it in the future!


Videos are super powerful when it comes to social media.

Videos are highly engaging, and they can be used across many different types of social media!

You don’t need to make your videos look professional, in fact, cell phone videos are the best type of videos to use in social media because they are organic, plus they feel authentic.

The best videos are spontaneous, and unrehearsed, so always be ready to whip out your phone and document what’s going on in your studio!

Students - Videos

1. Students testimonials

This can be a long drawn out 5-20 minute interview of a student asking them about the journey they’ve had in your studio.

Or, it can also be a simple 1-3 question video where the student keeps their answers under 2 minutes!

2. Students interviews

This can just be a casual “podcast” like interview where you ask your students about them, but you keep the topic centered around dance.

3. Students highlights

Take the best moments from the week or month, and make a compilation video including all those moments!

4. Student of the week video

Take a student who you felt embodied the values that you’re looking for in your studio, and put a video of them dancing, practicing, or competing and give them public praise!

5. Before and after dance videos of students

If you can find old videos of students dancing a specific routine, or just general dancing.

Make a video of the student where you can see a clear display of progress.

6. Videos of students doing the choreography in class

Choreography videos are great because students love to see themselves dancing.

Plus, the beginner dancers will get motivated because they’ll want to show up in the videos!

7. Choreography videos outside of studio

This makes for engaging shareable content!

Anytime you do a student outing, take advantage of the opportunity, and film the students doing a cool choreography!

In fact, you can make this the goal of a performance class! To make really cool videos!

8. Videos of students dancing

These can be students that are really good dancers!

Cute videos of your toddlers classes.

Show off a popular class, or a not so popular class to draw attention to it!

9. Videos of competition team rehearsing

Film “sneak peek” videos of rehearsals to tease people for what’s coming!

10. Videos of competition students

Show off your competitive dancers by putting videos of them in your social media

11. Videos of competition team

If you have competition teams, feature them in your social media!

12. Videos that students create themselves

Posting videos that your students created is a great way to encourage them to do fun dance projects

In fact, you can turn this into a contest.

Get your students to create videos, by giving out prizes to the winners!

13. Videos of packed dance classes

Energy brings more energy!

So, show off your packed classes!

This will help you attract new students because other parents, or people will want to go to a studio that’s popular!

Teachers - Videos

1. A day in the life of a dance teacher

Ask your teachers to create a few videos of how they prepare themselves to come to the studio.

How they prepare the steps that they are going to teach in class.

Ask them to share details about their stretching routine…

The food they eat

Their own dance practice…

This is a great way to promote your teachers, and get people to develop a personal connection with them!

2. Teachers dance videos

If your teachers have videos of themselves dancing, then ask them if you can use them to post on your social media accounts.

3. Teacher interviews

This could be a “podcast” style video interview that lasts for 20 minutes asking them to talk about how they got into dancing…

How they got into teaching.

What were their struggles as dancers?

Tips and advice they have for dancers.

4. Teaching a simple choreography

Get your teachers to teach simple choreography!

Teaching videos are great for social media, and they help your teachers become more popular!

5. Teaching beginner steps (1-2 minute video)

Do 1-2 minute video tutorials teaching beginner steps.

Film it from the back so that people can easily follow along!

6. Teaching a stretch routine that people can follow along

Have your teacher explain a simple stretching routine for dancers that students or people can follow along.

7. Teachers showing off

Film your teacher doing a cool turn, pirouette, or dance move!

8. Videos of teachers doing a performance they’ve done in the past

If your teacher has videos from previous performances they have done, use them!

9. Videos of a competition teachers have done in the past

If your teacher has videos of competitions that they have done in the past, ask them if you can use them in your social media.

10. Teachers teaching a class

Go into a class and catch a teacher at his/her best when she’s teaching classes!

This is a great way to promote that teacher, and his/her class.

11. Teachers giving a private lesson

Most dance studios offer private lessons, but don’t do nearly enough to promote them...

So, if you want people to know that you offer private lessons, and get them to ask you about them… 

This is a great way to do it!

Whenever a teacher is teaching a private lesson make sure you capture some footage of it…

This can also serve as videos that you can use for ads in the future, if you want to promote your private lessons with paid advertising.

12. Teachers doing a choreography together

Grab you teachers and film a mini choreography together, so that you can show off your teachers’ talents!

It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out show…

That’s definitely a great idea, but you can also make a 30 second video of your teachers doing a choreography together!

13. Teachers talking about what they love about working at your studio

This is a different way to promote your studio…

Videos of your teachers speaking highly about your studio will get parents of children to see how awesome your studio is!

On top of that, having these videos will help you attract other dance teachers in the future.

14. Videos that teachers create themselves

If your teacher created a cool video that makes sense to share it in your social media then do it!

Definitely take the time to promote your own teachers.

People love praise!

It will also show to your teachers that you care, by giving them recognition on your social media.

As a side effect, it will definitely create loyalty with your teachers to your studio.

Studio Family - Videos

1. Behind the scenes videos

People are fascinated with behind the scenes takes. 

So, if you’re preparing for a show, a recital, a competition…

Let people know about it by creating behind the scenes footage…

This also helps build drama, and gets people to tune into your studio!

2. Success stories about your studio

Anytime your students, or staff, have success whether in or out of the studio…

Highlight it, and celebrate it in your social media posts!

3. Flashmobs

This one takes a lot more preparation to do... 

But, you can probably start a 6 week program so that students can learn a choreography that you all can do outdoors!

Flashmobs videos usually make for really awesome social media content…

Plus, if you do it near a landmark of your city, it can go viral within your community!

4. Videos of student outings

Student outings are great in general for students, and parents to bond outside of the studio…

This helps strengthen the sense of community of your studio, and it increases loyalty from parents to your studio, as well as increases retention from students!

Make sure you get some footage of it and post it in your social media!

5. “Facebook live” videos of what goes on at the studio

Think of yourself as a news anchor for this one.

You can take it many ways…

For example, you can tell the story of the studio on a “live” video on Facebook or Instagram…

Or, you can report what’s going on at the studio, what new programs you have…

Another thing you can do is interview your staff or students and get them to talk about the studio…

It doesn’t have to be polished or perfect…

This is a cool way to show the authenticity of your studio!

6. “Facebook live” videos of a dance class

Use the “live” features on Facebook or Instagram to livestream a class!

You can choose to livestream a new class that you want to get more students enrolled in…

Or you can showcase a packed class, and lots of people having fun together.

The great thing of livestreams is that you can save the video and it

7. Answers to frequently asked questions

Creating a video that answers all the potential questions that people might have before showing up to your studio is a great way to alleviate anxiety to a potential student... 

Someone might be thinking of going to your studio, but hasn’t fully made up their mind about it because they still have unanswered questions.

8. Videos of birthday parties

If you rent your space out for birthday parties, make sure you take videos of them and share them!

9. Studio tour

A virtual studio tour gives you an opportunity to invite your social media audience to come and check out your studio!

10. Sneak Peek

Anytime you can give a sneak peak of anything to generate curiosity, and hype…

Do it!

For example: Sneak peek of the new costumes, or a new competition choreography, or new uniforms, etc.

Random - Videos

1. Funny memes

Everyone loves a good laugh…

And funny content is very engaging.

Although, you have to make sure that it is dance related content!

2. Popular dance videos

If you see any viral dance videos, share them!

3. Fun dance videos

Fun, unusual, creative videos are a great share!

4. Funny dance videos

Funny recital videos, or funny performances, and bloopers make for great content…

They don’t even have to be from your own students.

Make sure that you are not making fun of anyone, or hurting anyone’s feelings by posting these types of videos.

5. Inspiring dancing videos

This can be anything from really cool dance choreography videos, a solo performer, or an amazing performance…

Anything awe inspiring makes for great content.

6. Videos of famous dancers dancing

This can be a competition video, as well as a rehearsal, bloopers, them taking a class!

7. Videos of interviews from famous dancers

If you can find an interview where a famous dancer said something wise, or worth sharing, then do it!

8. Videos of famous dancing companies performing

Find well known dance companies, and share their performances!


Students - Pictures

1. Student/s of the week picture

Take a picture of a student (or a few students) that you can highlight on your social media.

Giving public praise to students for doing a good job and embodying your studio’s core principles…

Is a great way to create the culture that you want in your studio…

And if you make a big deal about it, it will encourage the rest of the students to embody those principles as well!

2. Students testimonial

Take a picture of a student/parent who attends your studio and in the captions write their testimonial.

This will show your social media audience that your studio is an awesome place to go to!

3. Students interview quote

If you have a good quote from one of the students about your studio, use it!

4. Students highlights

Capture your students in a great dance pose!

5. Before and after dance pictures of students

This could work if you have pictures of your students when they first came into your studio (perhaps in a class when they first came in)...

And, now you have a picture of them in a cool dance pose…

Edit the pictures to put them together side by side so that people can see the transformation! 

6. Posing pictures of students in class

Get students in a dance pose at the end of class, or capture them in the moment as they are walking through their steps in class!

7. Pictures of students in their costumes

You can make a costume day at your studio and take pictures of students doing dance poses in their costumes!

You can also do this during dress rehearsals, or before shows!

8. Pictures of students dancing

Capture your students in action!

This can be done anywhere: in class, at a show, outdoors…

9. Pictures of the competition team in their costumes

Have a photoshoot before a competition… 

Or take pictures during dress rehearsals!

10. Pictures of competition team rehearsing

Show off your studio talent.

You want to make sure that your competition team is a big deal, so that other kids will want to join!

11. Pictures of competition

Have cameras and cellphones ready when you go to competitions.

Take advantage of your students being dressed up, and make sure you get them up on stage…

Praise them on social media for having competed and done their best!

12. Pictures of awards received in the competition

If your students won any awards, definitely take pictures of them receiving the award, and posing with their award.

Competition is a big deal, and you want to give them praise for having worked hard, and gotten a reward!

13. Pictures of competition team

The goal of every student should be to want to get into your competition teams.

These are the students who are going to last longer with you, and will want to represent your studio.

So, you have to make this team a big deal!

14. Pictures of the recital

Recital pictures have a lot of sentimental value for the students who participated, as well as for the parents!

15. Funny gifs of students

If you have students who are goofy, and who like to be in front of the camera, then use them!

16. Students who’s made the most progress

Again, you want to highlight the students who have made lots of progress, and make a big deal about it.

Recognition, and public praise is motivating…

On top of that, it will help you set your culture at the studio!

17. Pictures of packed classes

Whenever you have packed classes, take pictures of them!

A crowd of people always attracts other people because they want to be in on the fun…

Teachers - Pictures

1. Feature a teacher

Your teachers are your business.

Good, responsible teachers are hard to come by… 

So make sure that you publicly praise them, and give them recognition, if they have done a great job!

2. Pictures of a performance the teacher has done

If your teachers have pictures of themselves in a show, or a competition, use it.

Show off the talent that your teachers have!

3. Teachers teaching a class

Again, this is another way to give recognition and show appreciation to your teachers!

Highlight something awesome about them in the captions.

4. “Just the teachers”

Every once in a while get all your teachers together, and get a group photo…

On the captions, write: “our super heroes!”

5. Funny gifs of teachers

If you caught your teacher doing something funny, or goofy, use it.

Make sure that they are ok if you use it, and be careful not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Studio Family - Pictures

1. Success stories about your studio

Any “wins” that your students or staff have had, make sure you highlight it on your social media!

2. Behind the scenes pictures

Whenever you’re planning any type of event…

Take a picture of it, and write a caption for it on your social media, letting people know what’s happening at the studio!

3. “Just the staff”

Gather all your staff, and get a group photo together…

Show your staff some appreciation on social media!

Write a nice caption about them.

4. Flashmobs

If you end up doing a flashmob, make sure that you take videos as well as pictures of it.

Flashmobs are a great experience for the students who participated... 

And it also gets the students who didn’t participate wishing they had.

5. Pictures of student outings

When people see pictures of your students' outings in your social media, they want to be part of your community!

6. Pictures of charity events

Show people how involved your studio is in the community!

7. Funny gifs of staff

Capture your staff doing something funny, or goofy!

Usually the staff at the studio doesn’t get as much recognition as the teachers…

So make sure you take time to highlight them on your social media as well!

8. Pictures of your studio

You should especially do this if you rent out your studio to others

9. Pictures of birthday parties

Again, this is a great way to promote the fact that you allow people to rent out your space to throw birthday parties.

Random - Pictures

1. Funny meme pictures

People love a good laugh.

Make sure the memes that you use are dance related!

2. Funny gifs

Funny content performs really well on the internet.

They work especially well on Facebook where it’s easy for people to click “share”.

3. Popular dance pictures

A good example for a ballet school would be to post pictures of the nutcracker!

4. Funny dance pictures

Again, sticking to the “funny” themes… Funny dance pictures like a little girl wearing an oversized tutu is certain to get great engagement!

5. Beautiful dance pictures

Dance is an art, so find pictures of dancers in beautiful poses.

6. Funny quotes

Funny quotes lighten up the mood, and it shows people that your studio is a fun place to go to!

7. Dance quotes

Find a few dance quotes that your students can relate to!

8. Inspiring quotes

Get people inspired about coming to the studio and learning to dance!

9. Motivational quotes

Motivational quotes are great in the morning!

10. “What a dancer eats” pictures

Dancing is a healthy activity that many people do as their form of exercise.

You can share tips about nutrition that will help them get in shape, so that they can dance their best, when they feel their best!

11. Infographics

Infographics are a great way for sharing facts, statistics, tips…

For example: 10 tips for becoming a better dancer...

12. Famous dancer pictures

Share dancing pictures of a famous dancer! 

13. Famous dancing companies pictures

Find pictures of performances and shows from dance companies where they are all doing beautiful poses!

Dance Studio Social Media Ideas | BATCH CONTENT

Now that you have a ton of ideas for what kind of content to share in your social media…

Here’s a major tip that will help you save time and be more efficient when coming up with your social media content.

Make a list of 10-30 ideas that you like...

Then, take a few hours out of the week or few days out of the month to batch produce your content.

Rather than scrambling everyday to create content on the fly… Designate time to do it all at once.

This will help you be more productive, and you won’t have to scramble throughout the day trying to come up with content…

Dance Studio Social Media Ideas | CANVA

For any design work that you need to do, there’s a great online tool called Canva.

This tool will help you design and create unique graphics, without having to be a graphic design expert...

Dance Studio Social Media Ideas | FIVERR

On the other hand, if you want to save time...

You can find people on fivver.com to do awesome creative work for you for really affordable prices.

Again, this will help you free up your time, so that you can focus on more important things…

Dance Studio Social Media Ideas | BUILD YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA CALENDAR

Once you have a list of ideas that you want to use for your social media content…

The next step is to create a social media calendar, that will help you stay organized with the way you post your content.

If you want to learn how to create a social media calendar, and see different calendar examples…

 Check out our blog post…

“Dance Studio Social Media Calendar”


Once you have batch-created your content, and have created a social media calendar…

The last step is to make sure that you stick to the calendar posting times…

This is really time consuming and you have to be on top of it EVERYDAY!

So, a solution that you can implement to solve this problem, and create more free time for yourself is to create a content bank…

A content bank is a place where you store, and categorize all the content that you create for future use.

This could be a dropbox file, or a good drive folder.

Then find a student, a parent, or a virtual assistant and give them access to your content bank, and your content calendar…

Lastly, give them content creator access to your social media pages, this way they can post for you…

You will be able to find someone to do this job for you for around $200, BUT it will save you so much time!

Dance Studio Social Media Ideas | CONCLUSION

We all know that having engaging content in your social media pages is a great way to attract new students to your studio…

As well as creating brand loyalty with your current students and parents, and a strong brand image to potential students.

But, creating engaging content is really time consuming, so having a plan is the key to being consistent and successful with your organic social media marketing.

Having the content you plan to produce mapped out ahead of time, batch created, and then creating a content calendar will allow you to easily delegate the posting of your content…

Which ultimately means that you will have more free time to focus on more important things in your dance studio!


Now that you have lots of different engaging ideas for what to post on your dance studio’s social media…

You will start getting lots of people tuning into your social media pages…

So, the next step is to turn your social media following into students…

How do you do that?

By creating the content using a simple 3 step formula which helps you structure your content in a way that attracts people to your studio!

If you want to learn what the 3 step formula is, read this blog post…

“dance studio social media posts”

Want us to help you enroll more students in your dance studio?

[Book a free strategy call]


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