How to Easily Get Google Reviews

Lesson 1

If you’ve ever searched for a local service on Google… You’ll notice that Google shows all the local business listings first before showing the website results.

Listings that are up to date with all relevant business information about your studio in combination with lots of reviews are highly favored by Google. This means that getting Google reviews is not only important for people who research you, but also for Google to push you at the top of the page. 

A great Google My Business Listing with a large amount of reviews is key to having a consistent stream of walk-ins into your studio for FREE.

Let's get to work now!

How to Request Reviews Though StudioHUB

Before getting started, ensure you have imported your student contact list into StudioHUB and tagged them accordingly. If you haven't done so, please watch the tutorial on how to do this HERE.

The request should say something along these line:

Hi {{contact.first_name}}! {{ custom_values.studio_owner_first_name }} from {Dance Studio Name} here. We’re trying to boost our online presence so that more people can find us! Can I ask you for a quick favor to leave a review on our Google page here? It would really help, and I would really appreciate it! 😊🙏🏽

You can copy & paste the text above in your own StudioHUB account, update your dance studio name, replace the Google review link and save it as a template. Do not change the {{contact.first_name}} and {{custom_values.studio_owner_first_name }} as this should update automatically from the system.

To get more Google reviews from your current student list, follow the steps below:

  • Go to your Contacts Smart List in StudioHUB; 
  • Click on the Student Name you would like to request a review from;
  • Click on SMS;
  • Select the pre-done Google Review Request Template (alternatively, you can write in the SMS Text box manually, and copy/paste the same message to other contacts) and send the message;
  • Paste the same message to the rest of the students you would like to request reviews from.

Do not request more than 5 reviews per day! This is because Google registers getting many reviews at once, as you having paid to obtain reviews. As such, it will block those reviews.

This process has to appear as if customers are giving you reviews organically.