How To Change Your Schedule on StudioHUB

Lesson 2

If your schedule changes through out the year, you will want to update the templates within the Marketing section of StudioHUB, so they reflect the accurate information.

Follow the steps below to change the schedule templates within StudioHUB:

  • Go to the Google Document that you previously created with your current schedule and update it;
  • Take a screenshot of the updated schedule and make sure to only screenshot the little bit necessary;
  • In StudioHUB, go to the Panel on the left-hand side and click on Marketing, then SMS & Email Templates;
  • Go to the schedule with the corresponding age bracket that you want changed and click on the pencil on the right side of the screen;
  • Once the window opens, remove the old attachment by clicking on the "x" beside it
  • Then click on "Attach File" and select your new screenshot and press Save